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For Far Cry 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "30 kills with an elephant trophy?". Tusker Trophy in Far Cry 4 - Playstation Trophy … Tusker Trophy in Far Cry 4: Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (Campaign only). Find guides to this trophy here. Far Cry 4 - Trophy Guide & Roadmap - … 25/11/2014 · Far Cry 4 - Tusker Trophy / Achievement Guide (30 Kills With An Elephant) - YouTube Quad Kill Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with a single explosion (Campaign only). Far Cry 4 Trophy Guide PlayStation LifeStyle

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Far Cry 4 - Tusker Achievement / Trophy - Elephant Kills - YouTube Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (Campaign only). First of all you need to learn the elephant rider skill, secondly you will need to find an elephant to... 30 kills with an elephant trophy? - Far Cry 4 Message... - GameFAQs Far Cry 4. PlayStation 4. Does shooting it with an arrow to make it mad so he kills enemies by itself counts toward this trophy or do you need to be on its back? Far Cry 4 Trophy Guide PlayStation LifeStyle Far Cry 4 Trophy Guide. Richard DufloMonday, November 24, 2014. Riding elephants into Outposts is a good way to get a large amount of kills quickly. This Trophy can be earned at the Kyra Tea Weigh Station Outpost. There is a lone guard standing near the map coordinates X: 344.4 and Y: 382.8. How to Ride Elephants in Far Cry 4 - Elephant Rider Skill

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